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Russ Aman

For over 25 years Russ Aman has been capturing images, film/digital. Digital capture, multiple imaging and Photoshop retouching have only added tools to his ability to deliver the right photograph anywhere.

His specialties are: “Jobs that can afford the time to let an idea come. One that fits both client budget and image level the end use needs”. “Jobs that I get paid for how I see, not what”

Russ has shot everything from A to Z. Take a look for yourself:

aircraft, aerial, architecture, art, artists,”get ready,” babies, balloons, beauty, beaches, birds, bicycles, bikers, boats, boating, boxers, buffalo, bugs, business, butterflies, cars, cattle, celebrities, children, climbers, climbing, computers, corporate, couples, cowboys, clouds, crowds, destinations, diamonds, dogs, editorial, environment, equipment, events, executives, exercise, eyewear, families, fashion, fireworks, fish, flowers, foliage, food, football, friends, frogs, giraffe, glasswear, gloves, gorillas, “guess you can see where this is going,” grapes, hands, hand shakes, hiking, horses, hotels, hot air balloons, industrial, islands, jewelry, jungles, junk, karate, kayaks, keys, kites, kudus, lakes, landscapes, leisure, lifestyle, light bulbs, lingerie, liquor, models, monkeys, monuments, motorcycles, mountains, nature, nudes, ocean, ocelot, oil developement, omelets, oryx, pagers, parades, people, phones, portraits, products, quarter backs, quilts, resorts, rhinos, rings, rock-n-roll bands, rubies, sand pipers, sculling, seagulls, seasons, skies, skiing, snow, sunsets, sunrises, surfing, swans, technology, tennis, tigers, tires, travel, trees, turtles, umbrellas, uncle sam, under wear, valleys, vegas, vegetables, vietnam veterans, watches, waterfalls, waves, western, windmills, wine, women, xylophones, yachts, youngsters, zebras, zoo animals…

His clients have included, Dillards, Dr Pepper, EDS, Federal Express, Filson, Fossil, Holiday Inn International, JCPenney, Motorola, Neiman Marcus, PepsiCo, Playboy Enterprises, Shinola, and Zales Jewelry, just to name a few. At Fossil: Emporio Armani, DKNY, Boeing, Phillip Stark, Frank Gehry, Burberry and Zodiac.